What is placenta?

Placenta is an organ that connects a fetus to the mother and helps in the fetusf development. It is not naturally built in the motherfs body. It is a short-term organ that starts developing after a fertilized egg implants in the motherfs uterine wall and is discharged after the fetus is born.

A fertilized egg grows into an approximately three-kilogram baby in the short time of nine months. It is the placenta that develops such an amazing life.

The effectiveness of placenta has been well known from early age, and it has been treasured especially as a revitalizer and rejuvenating drug. It has been used in Chinese medicine as well.

Useful tips

After the baby is born, the placenta has fulfilled its role and is discharged. But even after that, it has a great deal of nutrition and effective components. Most animals prove the value of placenta by eating it after giving birth.

History of the use of Placenta

Placenta was used in Medieval Europe as an all-purpose medicine for sterility, cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, and so on. In addition, it is said that the worldfs three most beautiful women ? Cleopatra, Yan Guifei and Marie Antoinette?were placenta lovers. Therefore, placentafs effectiveness has been valued and treasured ever since.




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