What is a Yubari Melon?

A fancy Japanese melon commonly has green flesh.
On the other hand, a Yubari Melon has glowing orange flesh.
The official name of this melon variety is Yubari King. It was created in 1961 by crossbreeding a Spicy Cantaloupe and an Earl’s Favorite.

The name Yubari Melon is a registered trademark owned by the Yubari City Agricultural Cooperative. This means that only Yubari Kings that are shipped by them can bear the name of Yubari Melon.
Since Yubari Melons ripen in only a few days after being harvested, up until a few years ago they were only available in Hokkaido. Because of this, they used to be called “dream melons.” Thanks to the development of transportation systems, we can now deliver them to anywhere in Japan and overseas.
A premium quality orange-flesh melon will make everyone happy!

  Enjoy a Yubari Melon at its peak!

A Yubari Melon ripens very quickly after being harvested. If you know the perfect ripening timing to serve it, your father will enjoy it even more!
First, keep it at room temperature and watch it ripen till the perfect time…
・the vine turns yellow,
・it feels bouncy when you lightly push it, and
・its ash-green skin has turned into (greenish) yellow,
Then it’s time to eat it!!!
You should be able to already smell its sweet aroma, too!
First, cut it in half.
A rich, sweet juice spills over…what a waste! But you cannot hesitate here; remove all the seeds and fiber around the seeds for better taste and an easier cut.
Now it’s ready to eat!

Cover the entire piece with plastic wrap and chill it in the refrigerator for about two hours. The weather is getting warm by the 3rd Sunday of June, and your father may come home hot and tired… a very good chance to please your father by serving a nice, cool piece of Yubari Melon!
It’s a sure way to make him happy.
We will of course enclose a Father’s Day card along with your gift melon for your father. Sometimes it may be hard to express your thanks to your father when he is far away – or even when you are living with him.
Why not grab this chance to express to him your gratitude along with a Yubari Melon?
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・Product・Yubari Melon (Gift Box)
・Produced in・Hokkaido
・Price in Japan・\¥6,150 / box
・Contents: Yubari Melon (A Grade) Size M (approx. 1.2kg x 2 pieces)
・Shipping Fee: Please pay the international shipping fee

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